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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. My child is entering Kindergarten, can you help make sure they are ready? Sure! We have tutors who specialize in early childhood education and are happy to help alleviate any concerns you might have regarding your young student.

  2. Do you offer discounts for families with multiple children needing services? Yes, we offer discounts to families with multiple children needing services.

  3. My child plays sports and needs some tutoring, do you offer later sessions to accommodate their schedule? Yes, not only do we offer later appointments, up to 8pm, but we also offer weekend appointments.

  4. My teenage child is struggling with addiction and mental health issues, can you help? We can. We have a psychologist on staff, as well as educational consultants who are ready and able to help guide you through the process of connecting with the right counseling, or therapeutic school and or rehab placement.

  5. Do you service children with learning disabilities? Yes, we have multiple tutors trained in reading intervention and special education and are able to service children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, mild autism spectrum disorder, as well as other learning related hardships (disorders??).

  6. Do you offer any Homeschool support? We do. We work closely with The Wonder Homeschool Center (make that a link to their website) and are working to create a safe local space for homeschool students in our area. We will be happy to meet with your family and discuss all options regarding homeschool support.

  7. Do you make house calls? Not usually. We like to keep all tutoring and support sessions at our offices in Myrtle Beach. If your family has special circumstances, we will try and help you find a solution.

  8. Do you offer distance learning or Zoom tutoring? Although we find face to face sessions more productive, yes, all of our tutors can Zoom sessions if that is your preference.

  9. I am wondering if my child needs to be tested for a learning disability, can you help? Yes, we can help guide you through the process of testing. We have multiple contacts in this field and will help find the best fit for your child.

  10. How many tutors do you have? We currently have 15 tutors that have various specialties.

  11. My child needs speech therapy and or occupational therapy, can you help? Yes. We have contracts with both types of therapists who are ready and willing to help. We also have an ABA therapist on staff.

  12. My High School graduate has no idea what to do next, can you help with college choices or help them focus on an interest for a job? Absolutely, we have a post high school grad support team that will guide your child into the next phase of their life wether it is college or job placement, we can help.

  13. My child is really behind because of Covid-19, what can I do? We know it has been a tough year and we are here to help get your student back on track with their education. We offer 1 on 1 tutoring in almost all subjects.

  14. What age range of student do you serve? At Angwin Academy our students range in age from 5 years old up through college, and adult students are always welcome too.

  15. How much does Angwin Academy cost? All of our rates and fees are available when you schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to call with any questions.

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