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The Future is bright.

As high school draws to an end, there are so many great choices you can make to further your education whether it be university, trade school, internship, or gap year. Customize your future with the help of these specialty add-ons from your friends at Angwin Academy.

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Post Secondary School Nagigation

  • College Compass gives you a personal College Counselor to plan with, execute, and assist in the admissions process.

  • College Concierge pairs you with a professional assistant as you navigate college deadlines, study for coursework, and evaluate social and domestic concerns as well as medical referrals.

  • Credentialing and Certifications support allows you to learn about careers and help you launch on a path towards the skills needed to get to work.

  • Gap Year assistance takes your dreams and curiosities into account with the aim of finding the right enrichment opportunity for you.

College and SAT/ACT Prep

  • ACT/SAT Test Prep - individualized tutoring by testing subject.

  • College placement support - identifying schools that align with your students' interests, achievements, and life goals.

  • Personal, Major, and career Inventories for high school students to help them find their niche.

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